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Welcome to GarakBashirFics!

Welcome to the link collection of all Garak/Bashir fics I can find! It's not a recs list or a selective list of any kind, so some weird stuff might crop up. Only requirement for this list, is that the fic contains any measure of G/B.

This list will probably never stop growing, so check in from time to time!

I will make one post for every story, tag it with anything I think might be relevant for the story and if it's a story of several parts, I'll try to gather links to all parts in one post.

NOTE! This is NOT an archive! I do not redistribute fanfics. If you are an author of one of these fics and don't approve of this way of spreading the love, let me know, and your links will of course be removed!

If you find a dead link, give me a yell, and I'll either find another, edit the entry accordingly or delete the entry all together.

If you find that a fic is missing tags or that further tags need to be created, comment, PM or email at your discretion.

Anonymous or not, all input is very welcome!

So far I have tags for:
Author name
Rating (If no rating is given, I give it my best guess)
Length (By word count)
Theme (Like: seasonals. Christmas, Valentines and such.)
Genre (Like: humor, pwp, romance or action.)
Kink (Like: oral or anal)
Various other content. (Like: mpreg or established relationship)
Warnings (Like: torture, violence and such.)

Garak/Bashir websites.

This post will contain links to websites with Garak/Bashir content. If there are sub-sites linking directly to the G/B content, I will link those. I will not offer any comments on the contents, so go explore!

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Announcement: Closing down!

I am very sorry to announce that due to my personal issues and the (granted, extremely glorious) constant influx of wonderful new fic, I have had to do some soul searching and admit that I cannot hope to ever manage this ambitious project.

So I am leaving this comm behind. I will keep it open if anyone wants, but nothing further will happen here.

If anyone out there should want to take over the comms (or just one of them) feel free to contact me! Either PM me here or on my personal blogs:[personal profile] ladydrace or [livejournal.com profile] lady_drace .

In the future, should anyone need some Garak/Bashir ficcy goodness, I will gladly send you my own folder of saved fics for your personal entertainment, but this collection of links will no longer be active.

I regret it had to come to this, but alas, life waits for no fan. Happy future fic hunting!

Announcement: Dreamwidth!

I'm happy to announce that garakbashirfics is now mirrored on Dreamwidth. All future posting will be from there, but I will keep crossposting as long as this side has followers.

Go check it out if you like. :o)


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